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Megger CB100 28V Power Factor Test Set





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The Megger CB-100 28V Power Factor Test Set is a self-contained instrument for the accurate measurement of electrical insulation characteristics.


 Megger CB100 28V Power Factor Test Set features:

  • Low-Voltage Capacitance and Insulation Power Factor Test Set 
  • Self-contained instrument that accurately measures insulation characteristics. 
  • Overcomes 60 Hertz interference by shifting the frequency of the bridge output to 100 Hertz 
  • Capacitance and dissipation factor read out directly from the instrument - no calculation required 
  • Test complex insulating systems without changing leads. 
  • Direct reading of capacitance and dissipation factor 
  • 28 volt test voltage makes the instrument extremely safe to operate 
  • Performs tests to either GST or UST configurations 
  • CB-CHEKTM calibrator provides capacitance and dissipation factor constant for the five test modes