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Doble F5851 Recloser Control Interface Cables





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The Doble F5851 Recloser Control Interface Cables are a series of performance rated cables for testing distribution reclosers and sectionalizers. Each unique cable is specific to the application, providing easy connectivity to a control unit from a F6150/e/sv Power System Simulator.


Use Protection Suite and Doble RTS software to perform all protection-scheme tests, protection elements, perform operation (dynamic) testing, check scheme logic, and confirm proper operation of communication schemes. Test results can be stored in Doble PowerBase for greater analysis and reporting.


Doble F5851 Recloser Control Interface Cables features:

  • Cable sets connect the Doble F6150e and Doble F6150sv Relay Testing Systems to simulate the external power system, providing the proper conditions for testing
  • Each cable provides the required number of voltages and currents to a specific recloser or control unit