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Eaton Cutler Hammer 140D481G03 Secondary Injection Test Set


Eaton Cutler Hammer



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The Eaton Cutler Hammer 140D481G03 Secondary Injection Test Set is used to test and verify the pickup levels and time delay settings of a breaker’s Trip Unit.  


The 140D481G03 is used to test Amptector, Digitrip, RMS or Optim Trip Units.  


Note: If testing DS Air Circuit Breakers using Digitrip Trip units manufactured after May 1993 or testing DSII Air Circuit Breakers the 8779C02G03 adapter will be required.  


Note: If testing Magnum DS Digitrip Trip Units the 8779C02G04 adapter will be required.  


Note:  When testing Digitrip Trip Units, either an auxiliary power supply module, PRTAAPM, will be required, or the power/relay module must be energized through its breaker secondary terminals.


NOTE: As a replacement for the Eaton Cutler Hammer PRTAAPM Auxiliary Power Module, Eaton Cutler Hammer 8779C02G03 DS / DS II Adaptor and Eaton Cutler Hammer 8779C02G04 Magnum Adaptor, refer to the MadTest Instruments DSM4i1 Adapter