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Doble F2700 High Quality Relay Test Set





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The F2700 from Doble is a very popular device used for relay testing. It is a testing tool that delivers high performance results and gives a voltage output of 300V AC. Its output can be configured for one current and one voltage, or for two currents and two voltages.  


With high accuracy and a broad range of currents (0.25A to 26A), the F2700 is suitable for different types of relays. It comes with a multimode timer control that lets you measure dropout and pickup times in seconds and milliseconds. The F2700 is used to test transducers, meters, and relays, which makes it a multifunctional device for testing electrical devices. Its front panel control is simple and intuitive, offering ease and full control to engineers.  


Its special features make it a highly usable device, which is used in many electrical companies. Since it delivers quick and precise results, the F2700 is a popular choice among electrical engineers for testing various electrical devices. Plus, the name Doble is famous in the industry, which makes it an ideal testing product.