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Rent the Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer from Protec

The Doble F6051 Time Synchronizer is a compact, IRIG-B time protocol converter for precise time synchronization in accordance with industry and security standards. With the F6051, interior time stamping is possible. 

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Monitor Power Quality with 8-Channel Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Analyzer

The Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Quality Analyzer offers top of the line monitoring capabilities, measuings to all current industry standards, including IEC 61000-4-30 Class A, IEC 61000-4-7, IEEE 1159, IEEE 519, IEEE 1459, and more.

With its high speed transient data capture (1 microsecond/channel) capabilities, this 8-channel analyzer simultaneously captures and characterizes thousands of parameters, by using a range of standard and customizable operating modes.

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Four Functional Tests in One Megohmmeter with the AEMC 1026

Measuring the quality of insulation involves checking the insulator’s resistance through the use of a megohmmeter. Acceptable insulator resistance values are typically 1 to 10 megohms, depending on the standards referenced. 

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