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Recently Added to Protec's Rental Inventory - Raytech CT-T1 CT Tester

The Raytech CT-T1 is a microprocessor-based Current Transformer Tester that measures CT excitation current, ratio, and winding polarity tests, all without having to switch the leads during testing.

This CT Tester is precision-made, fully automatic, portable, and built to stand up to the harsh environments of field testing.

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Bierer PD800W Rental For Three-Phase Secondary Systems Testing

The Bierer PD800W Cordless Phasing Tester accurately and easily operates in multiple applications including:

  • Phasing
  • Voltage detection
  • Phase sequencing
  • Phase angle indication{{cta('b0be4a7a-57af-4c6c-9719-2436367f0fd7','justifyright')}}

A unique tester, the Bierer PD800W is an all-in-one kit for three-phase secondary systems, capacitive test points, URD systems and overhead and transmission/substation systems.  The tester operates like a conventional phasing tester, but does not require an interconnecting cable or extension resistors.

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Rent the Equipment to Maintain the Power Quality of Electrical Systems

Distortion, harmonics and variations in voltage can cause a variety of problems in electrical lines, resulting in wasted power, accelerated deterioration of equipment, and high levels of electromagnetic interference, causing an electrical system to become unstable and eventually breakdown.

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