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Vanguard CT-7500 S2 Circuit Breaker Timer / Analyzer




CT-7500 S2

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The Vanguard CT-7500 S2 Digital Circuit Breaker Timer / Analyzer is an easy to use, stand alone or computer-controlled, microprocessor-driven EHV circuit breaker analyzer.  It can operate either in Time Travel analyzer mode or in “on-line” timing mode. In Time -Travel mode, the CT -7500 S2 can fully analyze a circuit breaker’s performance by testing the contact time, stroke, velocity, over travel, and contact wipe. Contact motion analysis can be performed for all circuit breaker operations (Open, Close, Open – Close, Close – Open, and Open – Close – Open). The CT- 7500 S2’s timing window is selectable between 1 second, 10 second, or 20 second periods. The 10 second and 20 second timing windows are ideal for timing long duration events such as circuit switcher contact testing.


The Vanguard CT-7500 S2 Circuit Breaker Timer / Analyzer is a microprocessor-based digital time-versus-travel Circuit Breaker Analyzer with a special on line test mode. 


This on line test mode (Quick-Shot mode) allows the user to capture breaker contact close time and contact open (clear) time while the breaker is still in service. In the off line test, the Vanguard CT-7500 S2 Circuit Breaker Timer / Analyzer fully analyzes utility circuit-breaker performance: contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce-back, and contact wipe.