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Raytech TR-1P Fully Automatic, Single Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter with Printer





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The Raytech TR-1P Single Phase TTR is the same instrument as the TR-1 but with a built-in printer, which allows you to print out your measurement results directly in the field.

The Raytech TR-1P is a rugged and reliable automatic transformer ratio meter for accurate readings with on-site laboratory precision. This system will test ratios to 4000:1. The design of this test system is based upon the popular Raytech Automatic Three Phase test set: TR-Mark III.


There is no maintenance required. There is no calibration procedure (No potentiometers to turn), due to the utilization of high precision components in the design.


Raytech TR-1P Single Phase TTR features:

  • Fully automatic, continuous operation system
  • Built-in Printer
  • System is housed in a rugged, lightweight, waterproof case
  • Battery-operated instrument, which can be recharged with line voltage, or an optional DC Car Adapter
  • Reverse Polarity Test
  • Continuity Test
  • Test current up to 1A for CT testing
  • Internal storage for the last 50 test results
  • RS-232 interface with optional adapter
  • Pass / Fail Function
  • Save up to 16 Transformers for comparison
  • Over 1,000 measurements without recharging