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Megger TORKEL 860 Battery Load Unit





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The Megger TORKEL 860 Battery Load Unit is used for testing the discharge capacity of standby battery systems. The Megger TORKEL 860 is used for systems ranging from 12 to 480 V, and discharging can proceed at up to 110 A. 


Its portable design allows technicians who travel from place to place to maintain battery systems having different voltages.


It features excellent discharging capacity plus a broad voltage range and outstanding portability – a unique combination. Batteries can be tested off-line or in-service Unit regulates to include load currents in the test parameters User adjustable alarm and shutdown points to avoid excessive discharge Easily expandable for larger battery banks using TXL extra load units View test parameters/results “real time” as testing progresses using the included PowerDB LITE software Easily save results to a PC for analysis, report generation and storage.