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Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter





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The Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter is a portable, battery or line operated, multi-function measuring instrument designed to measure AC primary and secondary currents, voltage power, reactive power, phase angle and frequency of single and three-phase systems. A high speed recording feature can capture starting currents of three-phase motors.


The Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter is an ideal instrument for use in general electrical systems maintenance, electrical machine repairs, protective relay testing or in monitoring power at the electrical service entrance.


The Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter is designed to perform fast, accurate checking and testing of protective relay and meter installations during their commissioning and in routine maintenance. For meter installations, unit measures phase-to-phase voltage and single-phase current amplitudes and phase angles.


Combined with a voltage or current source, the Megger PMM-1 Power Multimeter also becomes an excellent tool for testing and calibrating virtually any type of protective relay.


The portable PMM-1 allows current measurements to be made without disconnecting the current wires through the use of clamp type current transformers. Measured quantities can be printed to an external printer or downloaded to a PC for further analysis.


Max Hold feature records highest value amplitude recorded during the measurement period.