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Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Tester





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The Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Tester is a portable unit used to perform demagnetization, ratio, saturation, winding resistance, polarity, phase deviation, and insulation tests on current transformers, and automatically calculates ratio errors, saturation curves, and knee points.


Upgraded to include additional functionality, further enhancing instrument transformer testing capabilities including:

  • Optional DC technique for saturation/excitation test
  • Optional CVT testing capability



Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Tester features:

  • Industry leading test duration using patented simultaneous multi-tap measurements reduces testing time by 20% on multi-tap CT’s
  • Increased measurement accuracy to support metering class CT testing
  • Smallest and lightest 2kV secondary voltage injection unit on the market
  • Integrated single phase relay test system
  • General purpose substation secondary circuit testing with 300V & 60A generators
  • Grouped testing: demagnetization, knee points, ratios, saturation curves, and more
  • Measure all ratio’s and saturation curves on multi-tap CT’s with one lead connection
  • Built-in insulation resistance testing