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Fluke 2686 Data Acquisition System





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The Fluke 2686 Data Acquisition System combine the best of lab precision with the rugged flexibility required in rapidly changing industrial applications. 


Fluke 2686 Data Acquisition System features:

  • 200 Channel data acquisition unit 
  • Stand-alone data logger operation with the 2686A 
  • Universal input conditioning for any input, on any channel, in any combination 
  • Sample rate adjustable from 1 reading / hour to 1000 readings/hour 
  • 20 digital I/O and 8 form C, 1 Amp relay output modules for direct control of equipment 
  •  Up to 300V input isolation, 1600V transient overvoltage protection (2680A-PAI) 
  •  Multiple power sources: 100 to 240 V and 9 V to 45 V DC 
  • Simple configuration and setup