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EA Technology UltraTEV Plus2 Partial Discharge Detector


EA Technology


UltraTEV Plus2

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UltraTEV Plus2 Partial Discharge Detectors are easy to use, handheld testers featuring many real time analytical features. Thanks to the advanced hardware the UltraTEV Plus2 have a true ability to distinguish true PD from noise and other interference.


These PD detectors were designed with inspections ease in mind. The instrument helps the user understand and analyse the results by interpreting the data and display clear information and instructions. The results can be transferred to your PC for further analysis thanks to built in WiFi and USB ports. The data can be securely stored on microSD memory card.


The new survey functionality allows to store asset specific descriptions and help navigate through the survey process, and the additional benefit is the ability of testing for the PD within cables using the Radio Frequency Current Transformers.