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Doble F2500 Single Phase Relay Test Set





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The Doble F2500 Single Phase Relay Test Set offers configurable test options for faster and reliable diagnostics. This device has the capability of connecting an F2010 handheld controller to easily conduct tests on difficult places.


Doble F2500 Single Phase Relay Test Set features:

  • Built-in timer lets you measure dropout or pickup time in cycles, milliseconds or seconds
  • Has an output current of 26 A continuous AC
  • Frequency generator, timer and phase shifter functions
  • Sources have low noise to ensure accurate results
  • Easy daisy chaining for three phase operation
  • Multiple output configurations
  • Allows connection to a PC for analysis of results and generating reports
  • ProTesT software lets you conduct remote tests and analyze results


The Doble F2500 Single Phase Relay Test Set is no longer available. Please refer to the Doble F2700 High Quality Relay Test Set or the Doble F2253 Single Phase Relay Test Set to meet your electrical testing needs.