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DILO 3-038R-R303 SF6 Multi-Analyzer





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The DILO 3-038R-R303 SF6 Multi-Analyzer is able to test SF6 purity (vol %), moisture content, and byproducts (SO2). The user can select pass/fail values for the gas being tested, as well as, the units of measure and save up to 100 test results and names (dates and time are stored automatically).


DILO 3-038R-R303 ZSF6 Multi-Analyzer features:

  • 5.7”color touch panel
  • Indication of SF6 concentration in volume percent
  • Indication of moisture concentration in dew point °C or °F,referred to atmospheric or input pressure, reversible to indication in ppmV, ppmM
  • Indication of SO2 concentration in ppmV
  • Input pressure indication in bar pa or pe, psi, kPa, MPa
  • Transfer of analysis results to USB stick or PC
  • Very easy recalibration handling by module exchange
  • Automatic identification of sensors residual lifetime.
  • Setting of limit values for volume percentage, dewpoint temperature, SO2 and HF
  • Menu item in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian
  • All measurements taken at Atm. pressure