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AEMC PEL 105 Power and Energy Logger





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The AEMC PEL 105 Power and Energy Logger is an easy to use unit, and is housed in a an all-terrain IP67 casing capable of withstanding shocks, UV rays and extreme temperatures.


Ideal for outdoor installation directly on an electricity pole, The AEMC PEL 105 Power and Energy Logger, with its 1,000 V CAT IV safety rating, can be used for measurements on all LV networks, including measurements of the neutral-earth voltage and the neutral current.


A stand-alone instrument equipped with a self-powering system via its voltage inputs up to 1,000 V, the PEL 105 offers 5 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs, and compatible with a large number of current sensors to make it easier to use, it also recognizes the sensors automatically.


The PEL 105 can be used to measure, record and analyze the power values (W, var, VA) and energy values (kWh, kvarh, kVAh). At the same time, they record the PF and the DPF. Recording is continuous with a sampling interval of 200 ms.


AEMC PEL 105 Power and Energy Logger features:

  • 5 voltage inputs & 4 current inputs
  • All-terrain shockproof casing resistant to UV light and high temperatures
  • Ideal for mounting on electricity poles
  • Self-powered by its voltage inputs up to 1,000 V
  • Continuous recording at 200 ms intervals
  • Measurements in compliance with IEEE 1459


AEMC PEL 105 rentals are available for daily, weekly and monthly rates.