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AEMC 6472 Digital Ground Resistance Tester





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The AEMC 6472 Digital Ground Resistance Tester is a portable measurement instrument designed to measure Bond Resistance, Ground Resistance (with and without clamps), Soil Resistivity, Earth Coupling, Step & Touch Potential.


AEMC 6472 Digital Ground Resistance Tester features:

  • Ground Integrity Measurement
  • Ground Resistance testing using the 2 clamp method (no auxiliary rods needed)
  • 2- and 4-Point Bond Resistance/Continuity measurement (DC Resistance) with automatic polarity reversal
  • 3-Point Fall-of-Potential measurement with manual or automatic frequency selection
  • 4-Point Soil Resistivity measurement with automatic calculation of Rho (r) and user selection of the Wenner or Schlumberger test method
  • 3-Point Earth Coupling measurement
  • Manual and Automatic frequency scan from 41 to 5078 Hz for optimum test accuracy in electrically noisy environments
  • Selectable test voltage of 16 or 32V up to 250mA of test current
  • Auto Power OFF feature
  • Automatic recognition of all electrode connections and their resistance value
  • Stores up to 512 complete test results in internal memory
  • Display with automatic backlight when entering a function
  • Optically isolated USB communication cable included
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries from wall charger or vehicle power
  • Grounding standards IEC 61557 parts 4 and 5 compliant
  • Includes DataView software for set up, data retrieval, real-time display, analysis, report generation and system configuration
  • Can also be used for continuity tests on bonding