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Wireless VLF Hipot Data Logging with the High Voltage ADL-1 Data Logger

High Voltage Inc. ADL-1 Data Logger

Most very low frequency (VLF) hipot testers need a computer onsite to monitor the test results and store them for analysis.  However, this can be a hassle especially when you need to bring a lot of electrical test equipment onsite.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send the test results wirelessly so other colleagues could collaborate with the diagnostics?  If you demand hipot data logging with convenient wifi connectivity, you will be very interested in High Voltage Inc.’s  ADL-1 Data Logger.

The High Voltage ADL-1 Data Logger allows you to interface your VLF hipot testers with a remote computer through an Ethernet connection or through 802.11g WLAN which is backward compatible with 802.11a/b protocols.  You just need to hook up your hipot tester to the ADL-1 through an interface cable and set up your connection with the computer.  This lets you conduct a high voltage test without putting sensitive equipment like computers at risk of damage.  It has a microprocessor based system that allows sophisticated VLF high potential data logging.  You also have the option to store test results up to 40 hours so you can download and analyze them at a later time.

This High Voltage ADL-1 Data Logger is available for short-term rent, longer-term lease, or purchase.   Ask us for a quote, we are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.