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Why You Should Consider Renting Test Equipment

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Many businesses do not realize that owning test equipment has hidden costs. Aside from that, its value can depreciate quickly, especially if there are newer models released. This means if you plan to sell your test equipment, you won’t be able to sell it close to its purchase price. Its market value can depreciate by as much as half its original price. If you want to maximize your company’s budget, you should consider renting test equipment.

Renting gives you a lot of benefits compared to owning equipment. You don’t need to spend money on maintenance and calibration of tools. You also have the opportunity to use the latest test instruments available on the market at a fraction of its cost. While some may think that if an emergency situation happens and they rent tools, it might take a while for the test instruments to arrive, it’s time for you to know that many test equipment rental firms offer same day shipping. If your DLRO breaks down in the middle of testing, you can get back to your routine within a few hours. 

Protec lets you save on costs with test instrument rentals. We carry major brands like Dranetz power testers, Doble, GE and more. You’ll sure to find a test tool that meets your needs. Call us at 866-352-5550 for more information on equipment rental.