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Why Vanguard Test Equipment Is Trusted By Many

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When it comes to test equipment, engineers look for certain things such as durability, reliability, and excellent accuracy. A brand like Vanguard test equipment has been the leading choice of most engineers because of their long track record of efficiency and excellence. Another aspect of Vanguard is the fact that people find it very easy to use as compared to other brands capable of conducting the same tests.

There is a lot of Vanguard equipment being sold in the market today. Perhaps the most famous equipment that engineers like is the Auto-Ohm 100A automatic DLRO. There are a lot of unique features that this model offers such as an outstanding output of 10 – 100 amperes, which is used to determine the resistance found between metal contacts. In addition, people should know that Auto-Ohm could test resistance ranges that fall under 1 micro-ohm to 300 milli-ohms give or take. When it comes to its reliability, engineers should know that it follows specific standards such as CSA C22.2, ULC61010A-1, and IEC61010. It boasts an accuracy level of ±1%, which is very good for professional standards alone. Other added features such as an effective LCD backlight monitor helps engineers see even in dark areas. Lastly, maintaining the calibration of this tester is made easy with the help of the RS232c port.

Getting your hands on the Auto-Ohm 100A DLRO is as simple as checking it out on Protec Equipment Resources. Depending on your needs, we have various high voltage test equipment and test equipment rental options that you might want as well. In order to know more about what we have to offer, call now for more details.