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Why Use a Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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Megger insulation test equipment provides measurement of insulation quality and its resistance within circuit breakers, joints and connections. This testing is mainly accomplished using the megohmmeter. This electrical test equipment is typically available in 5 kV and 15 kV so that electricians and techs can test high voltage instruments and electrical apparatus with accuracy and quick results.

For a low resistance ohmmeter, the Megger DLRO 10HD is the best choice. It automatically diagnoses insulation condition in the workshop or field with Kelvin style testing for the most accurate digital low resistance reading. Another choice in portable low resistance ohmmeters is the Metrel 3252. It automatically detects continuity in circuits as well as low contact resistance in breakers and switches. The large built in memory bank is capable of storing 1000 test results. It is lightweight enough to carry around in the field without causing arm or shoulder pain.  To learn more about how digital ohmmeters operate, several of our blog posts outline how, where and when these instruments should be used.  

In the post, How the DLRO Works, it details what the ohmmeter is good for measuring and the type of results expected. 

Thomas Sandri, our industry expert, explains the differences between insulation tests in his post,Why polarization or dielectric? 

We have whatever ohmmeter you need to get your testing project completed thoroughly and accurately. To learn more about our rental programs for electrical test equipment, give us a call or stay connected with us online.