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Why the Relay Test Set is Important

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The relay test set is a valuable tool to help detect faults that are not apparent with simply a visual inspection. If faults are not located in time, they can lead to major equipment damage or possibly even failure. Relay testing provides an affordable solution to protect important electrical equipment components and avoid the expense of downtime or repair associated with equipment failure.

Testing of relays involves simulating normal relay operating conditions to ensure they are functioning correctly and in good condition. These diagnostic methods determine whether a relay’s coil is collapsing while switching positions during operation. Should this occur while system is running, it often results in contacts arcing and carbonizing over long term use. When that happens, transient voltage can move through the system and cause equipment damage. To prevent this type of damage, often snubber circuits are used; however, if these circuits fail, they might go unnoticed so that contacts experience damage that ultimately causes the relay to fail.

We offer a wide range of Doble relay and Megger test equipment for single phase and three phase relay testing. Our affordable rental program will provide the right relay testing set for either short or long term needs. Contact us today to receive a free rental quote on our 24 hour live support line at (866) 352-5550.