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Why Test Something as Small as a Milliohm?

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In the electrical testing equipment world, the Milliohm is such a small level of resistance that it is hard to understand why anyone would actually need to measure such a small inconsequential level of resistance. But in order to comply with many legal safety standards such as the UL and CSA, manufacturers of consumer goods such as hand tools, small electrical products and appliances must provide testing of these items to ensure that consumers are protected.

Resistance measurement for units less than an ohm are considered Milliohm and Micro Ohm.  With common kitchen appliances running on AC power, testing must be performed so that the consumer is not coming into contact with any of these signals. This is where electrical manufacturers utilize ground paths so that high potentials are carried away from the user should a product fail or cause a fault. Without such grounding, the potential for safety hazards and injuries is increased. The measurement of Milliohms requires testing leads with Kelvin connections so that accurate results are achieved.

Ground resistance testing is used to insure user safety and keep equipment operational. We offer a large selection of ground resistance tester units and other necessary electrical test equipment to suit any size project. Give us a call at 866.352.5550 to learn more about our affordable rental and purchase programs.