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Why Should We Make Time for Battery Maintenance?

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When we look at the world of electrical system maintenance it is clear that there is a lot of visibility and effort spent in testing and maintaining assets such as protective relays, transformers, circuit breakers … etc.  Batteries, however, are common items which are often missed on an entities maintenance and testing program.   When we consider the critical role of the battery and what it is intended to back up a lack of maintenance approach definitely seems flawed.  Consider for a moment the role of Station Batteries … these are the batteries that supply the trip current to the trip coils of the interrupting devices that are part of the Protection System.  Now consider if those batteries cannot or do not deliver the required current when called upon!  Unfortunately, poor maintenance (or lack of maintenance) only reveals itself when the battery is placed on load, and then it’s far too late to avoid the consequences. 

The purpose of testing is to determine what the condition the batteries are in and hopefully give some idea where this condition is headed and possibly how fast.  Protec Equipment Resources stocks battery testing equipment such as the Alber Cellcorder and Megger BITE2P ohmmic trending units along with the Megger TORKEL Battery Load Units and SBC Digital Hydrometers.  Protec also has an expert technical staff ready to assist you in setting up your battery maintenance program.