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Why Perform AC and DC hipot Testing?

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Hipot testing has been around for a long while, and with manufacturers adding new updated models to the selection field, there is a need to enlighten our customers and readers on the basics of high potential (Hipot) testing as it relates to AC hipot and DC hipot tests. Hipot (high potential) is the testing that you need to perform to assess high quality cables and wire harnesses. By completing these tests you can therefore get the best out of high quality cables and wire harnesses.

How can this be achieved? In simple terms, an electrical charge is produced by firing rapid waves of electricity from positive to negative. In most cases, there are 50-60 alternating voltages in quick succession each second.

So why should you perform hipot testing? This is an excellent question. You should perform this type of testing because it is essential to know if the insulation is doing its job. Hipot testing is the only testing method that actually changes its voltage constantly all while testing the different types of insulation quality that are available. It is ideal to run this test with high voltage test equipment

Additionally, there are safety features that come with hipot testers just in case you come into contact with live current. In this type of situation, the hipot tester would simply turn off the voltage, therefore giving you some peace of mind for the safety of your workers and electrical equipment.

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