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Why Many Trust Vanguard Test Equipment

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Vanguard test equipment has been around for several years and has served the electrical testing needs of many engineers. Engineers trust this equipment because of its accuracy and reliability. It also offers sophisticated features that allow electrical tests to be done easily.

One of the widely used Vanguard equipment is the Auto-ohm 100A automatic DLRO. This piece of equipment measures resistance changes in between metal contacts which can be an indicator of its condition. This tester features an output current of 10 amperes to 100 amperes. It has an automatic test mode and a controlled rise and fall current. It also has a backlit LCD making it convenient when testing in dark places. The resistance range of this tester is from 1 micro-ohm to 300 milli-ohms with an accuracy of ±1%. It has a thermally protected power supply and conforms to the IEC61010, ULC61010A-1 and CSA C22.2 standards. There is also an RS232c port on the device if you want to have your tester re-calibrated or if you need to run diagnostic tests.

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