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Why is it called a Doble Power Factor Test?

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Power factor testing or sometimes called Doble power factor is a test conducted on transformers, motors or other electrical equipment to test the integrity of the insulation. Doble is a company that manufactures test equipment. The procedure is called as such because the equipment used for this procedure is manufactured by that company.

Power factor is measured by applying a high alternating current to the electrical component while the capacitive and resistive current is measured. The cable acts as a capacitor with the insulator acting as the dielectric. A good insulator allows a small capacitive current to flow. There should be no resistive current flowing. If the resistive current sharply increases while the voltage is raised, the insulator will get a high power reading factor. This can be caused by dirt or the presence of condensation on the cable. This may be an indicator that the insulator is wearing out and needs reconditioning or replacement. It is important to conduct regular power factor testing on electrical devices to reduce electrical hazards. 

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