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Why Calibration for Electrical Test Equipment?

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Why does electrical test equipment need calibration prior to use? Well, it is as simple as the need for quality control. If a piece of equipment is not performing accurately even by the slightest degree over time it will continue to decrease in its performance until it completely fails.  Basically measurement and output will get further away from reliable accuracy. As this occurs, the end result will be a loss of time, resources and effectiveness.

So what if your power factor test set or Megger insulation tester isn’t properly calibrated? Well, inaccurate test readings can lead you down a false troubleshooting path.  Any faults or defects may not be recognized before it is too late. Electrical components do degrade over a period of time and properly detecting shifts in quality allow everyone to maintain equipment and prepare for replacements when needed.

Accuracy is the primary component or standard needed to ensure that high voltage equipment is optimally performing. Calibration is the method to ensure that it is operating to this standard. A great example of this concept is daylight savings time. In the fall all clocks are turned back one hour. By following this practice, you also turn your clock back one hour so that your clock’s time matches everyone else’s. This is the same as calibrating your clock to match the current time so that you have an accurate reading of the time everyone else uses as well.

All equipment rented from Protec is properly cleaned and calibrated so that you can rest assured it will perform on the job. To learn more about our programs, become a Protec Insider for the latest specials and information about electrical equipment testing or give us a call at (866) 352-5550.