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Where is my equipment?

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Where is my equipment?

How many times have you asked the question who has the: VLF-Hipot, Megger DLRO, Circuit Breaker Test Set, etc..
No one has 100% control over their equipment.  When you rent equipment that piece of equipment is shipped for a specific job.  The equipment is then returned to Protec.  Instead of being shipped between technicians and eventually lost or stolen.  

Protec’s equipment ships looking like it is new.  There are many reasons why we do this.  One of those reasons is that “new” equipment is a lot less probable to go missing than “old” equipment.  Technicians know how much the equipment is worth as do most people on job sites.  It is a psychological thing; new equipment gets more attention than old equipment.

It would be nice to think that every technician has the company’s best interest in mind but we all know that is not the case.  Renting equipment provides one more level of security to keep track of equipment.