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When Testing SF6 Filled Equipment Rent the DILO Zero Emission Analyzer

DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 AnalyzerWhen measuring the humidity and purity of SF6 filled equipment such as switchgears and circuit breakers rely on the DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 Analyzer.

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Why is it important to test SF6 gas?

As part of preventative maintanence in most substations, measurement of humidity in SF6 gas should be completed. If the humidity content is within manufacturers’ specified limits, then the possibility of HF and SO2 creation is very low. If the humidity level is extreme, then those by-products will be created in high enough concentrations that corrosion will occur in the insulators, resulting in undesirable short-circuiting within the equipment.

SF6 purity has an effect on its efficiency in the circuit breaker. If the purity is exceptional, there is confidence in the effectiveness of the equipment.

With new equipment installations, a purity test can indicate if the circuit breaker was properly emptied prior to filling.

DILO 3-038R-R303 Zero Emission SF6 Analyzer technical specifications:

Input pressure:  5 PSI to 130 PSI 

Power supply:  90 – 264V / 50 – 60Hz / 10 A

Operating temp:  32°F to 104°F

Dimensions:  8.6”H x 19.7”W x 24.6”D, 44 lbs.


Purity (Vol %) Specification

Measuring range:  0-100%

Accuracy:   ± 1 vol.%

Response time:  <2 minutes

Flow rate:  .3-.5 liters per hour


Moisture Specification

Measuring range:  -60 – +10°C

Accuracy:    ±2°C (at >-40°C) / ± 3°C (at < -40°C)

Response time:  <5 minutes

Flow rate:   16-17 liters per hour


Decomposition Specification

Measuring range:  0-500 PPMv SO2 

Display:  PPMv

Accuracy:  ± 2% from measuring range

Response time:  <20 seconds

Flow rate:  1-3 liters per hour


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