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When is Buying Better than Test Equipment Rental?

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More and more companies today have been choosing to rent test equipment instead of buying it outright. This practice has many benefits, but there are times when buying your own equipment can actually be more advantageous for you and your company. It mostly depends on how knowledgeable you are about the equipment being purchased, and how often you’re going to need to use it.

Most people choose test equipment rental because of the cost savings that it can bring – and it can. If you only use testing devices every now and then, it doesn’t usually make sense to purchase the equipment because they are typically quite expensive. However, it can be even more expensive to constantly rent equipment if you need it on a regular basis. And even though there is a large initial investment, the payoffs that come with owning your own equipment and having it on hand immediately every time you need it can be huge.

If your company finds that it often needs to use electrical testing devices and believe that it’s worth the initial investment to have it on-hand at any and all times, contact us today at Protec Equipment. Whether it’s a Megger meter you’re looking for, Doble testers, or HV Diagnostics, contact us at Protec Equipment. We have both testing equipment sales so you can always have your most important testing device on hand. And if you’re not yet ready to buy, we have rentals too!