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What’s the Purpose of Low Resistance Testing With the Megger DLRO 600?

Megger DLRO600 600A Digital MicrohmmeterWhat’s the purpose of Low Resistance testing?

Low resistance testing can be used as:

• A quality control measure at the time a piece of electrical equipment is produced
• An installation requirement to help ensure specifications are met and to verify proper hookup
• A periodic preventive maintenance task
• A troubleshooting tool

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The high current capability and compact design make Megger DLRO600 600A Digital Microhmmeter suitable for testing circuit breaker contacts, switch contacts, busbar joints or other applications where high current is needed.

The Megger DLRO600 is a multipurpose instrument capable of providing test currents from 10 amps up to 600 amps subject to the load resistance and supply voltage. A large liquid crystal display provides all the information needed to perform a test; all test parameters and measurement results are displayed.

The unique design allows the weight and size of Megger DLRO600 to be kept to a minimum; the instrument weighs less than 15kg. This small size makes this Digital Microhmmeter equally at home in the workshop, on the production floor or in the field.

Megger DLRO600 features:

– Small and weighs less than 33 lbs (15 kg)
– Test currents from 10 A to 600 A dc
– 0.1 µohms best resolution
– On board memory for up to 300 test results and notes
– RS232 port to download stored results or for real time output to a printer
– Supplied complete with 16.4 ft (5 m) test leads and download software

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published August, 2011 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.