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What to Consider When Choosing Cable Testing Equipment

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TDRs and thumpers are some of the tools you can use in underground cable diagnostics. When planning to get cable diagnostic equipment, consider some of these factors to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

Time Domain Reflectometers
TDRs are capable of finding faults accurately by sending a signal into the cable and checking for echoes. You should get one that is portable enough for field diagnostics. You don’t want to drag a bulky tester to run tests on a very long cable installation. It should also be sensitive and accurate to ensure good fault location.

This cable fault locator works by sending a ballistic impulse into the ground. The impulse causes an arc to form between an open cable and making an audible thump. When choosing a good thumper, get a model that offers 2-3 voltage taps. This allows you to send an impulse at a low voltage and slowly work your way up. You don’t want to send an impulse at maximum voltage because this might cause more damage to your cables.

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