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What to Consider in DC Hipot Testing

HV Diagnostics HVA60 60kV VLF / DC High Voltage Test InstrumentEnsuring electrical safety is a major aim of any electrical maintenance personnel. That is why when installing new cables, electrical testing should be carried out first. This testing is a quality control measure to ensure that only good cables will be used in the power facility.

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DC hipot testing is sometimes used in verifying new cable installations along with the proper workmanship and installation of cable accessories. This test applies electrical stress to the cable with the intent of identifying gross problems related to manufacturing defects, mechanical damage or incorrectly installed accessories. A good cable should be able to withstand as much as 3 times its rated voltage, ensuring that it will tolerate voltage transients during thunderstorms or fluctuations in generator voltages.

Testing cables before installation is very important to certify that it will operate according to its specified rating. 

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HV Diagnostics HVA60 60kV VLF / DC High Voltage Test Instrument

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April, 2011 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.