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What is a Megger Meter?

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Megger meter, or a Megger tester, can be used for many different things. These devices emit sound waves or voltage to something such as wires, batteries, or even overhead cables to determine if there are any leaks, and to make sure that everything is working in proper order and is still safe.

There are many different kinds of Megger test equipment available. Insulation testers are one of the most popular, as they can check the insulation around any given wire to ensure that the insulation is still of proper thickness, and that the wire is not damaged or compromised in any way.

Testers are also available to check overhead cables. These testers are used to determine the total height of the cables to make sure that they comply with federal safety standards. These testers emit sound waves that will reach up the cables and then be delivered back to the testing device to give an exact measurement as to how high up the cables are located.

Meters can also be used to test extra-large batteries that are online as part of a system. Without a tester, these batteries need to be pulled offline, taken out of the system, and tested separately. With a Megger though, these batteries can still be tested for their endurance, while still remaining fully functional.

Megger has many different testing devices that are all used to detect the safety and security of different electrical components – and, they provide equipment that’s the best in the business, too!