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What is a Hipot Test?

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Educating our customers is a high priority here at Protec. As part of our commitment to friendly, supportive service, we utilize our website, blog and 24 hour live customer support line to provide you with answers to all your questions about the electrical test and maintenance equipment we provide for rent and purchase. 

If you are considering renting a hipot tester, then understanding exactly what the test does is important so that you understand how useful it can be to your operations.

Hipot is short for high potential (high voltage). The purpose of a hipot test is to test isolation or, more specifically, to ensure that no current flows from one isolated point to another in a circuit. When applying a high voltage current between two conductors, if too much current flows between them, this will mean that the two conductors are not sufficiently well isolated. Therefore, the hipot test is necessary for insuring the safety and reliability of electrical circuits. 

The voltages applied during Hipot testing are normally much higher than those usually experienced in normal operations. There are two popular high potential voltage sources: the DC and AC hipots

The AC hipot can be either power frequency (50/60 Hz) or very high frequency (VLF). DC hipot can be applied either as a withstand test or as a leakage test to measure the amount of current leaked when high voltage is applied to a grounded cable. It is typically performed on medium voltage shielded cables and uses various types of high potential currents such as absorption current, capacitive current, leakage current and total current. 

Power Frequency hipot tests are seldom performed because they require a high level of energy and extremely heavy testing units, plus they’re the most costly. VLF hipot testing requires the same small and lightweight units as DC hipot, however, in certain instances the test may not provide all relevant information. Furthermore, caution needs to be exercised when testing field aged EPR and XLP cables.

To learn more about which hipot tester or other vital diagnostic and maintenance equipment for your project, contact our live support staff or submit your inquiry online