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What is a Fluke Power Quality Test?

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When talking about Fluke power quality tests, you’re actually referring to two different things. One is the manufacturer, Fluke that produces different testers and digital multi-meters in order to perform the power quality test, which is the actual test itself. Because Fluke power kits test the overall power and production of certain electrical systems, they can pick up on many different problems and issues within the system.

A Fluke digital multi-meter will pick up on a variety of different problems within any given electrical system and automatically convert those problems into charts and graphs that can be seen and evaluated on-screen. Just a few of the problems these meters can pick up on are: electricity, plant automation, power distribution, and problems with electro-mechanical equipment.

Because these digital multi-meters are most often used by electricians and professionals who are very familiar with both the meters, and the systems for which they’re intended, they are made to be extremely convenient. These meters, such as the Fluke 287, come with clips that can be clamped right onto the system so that the meter can perform the tests completely automatically; and the technician can leave to do another important job and simply come back when the testing is complete.

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