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What Electrical Test Equipment Do You Need?

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Testing equipment enables your company to know that the electrical apparatus being used is safe and functioning correctly. Without proper diagnostic testing, electrical systems are subject to failure and breakdowns. If cabling, insulation, switches or motors are deteriorating or defective, you want to know before it gets to the point that workers’ safety is compromised or equipment is at risk for failure.

Here are some of our past posts that discuss different testing methods necessary to ensure that electrical equipment is operational and safe for use.

Partial Discharge Options? details how partial discharge can predict potential insulation failure and detecting them early helps prevent outages.

Smart Phones for Locating Cable Faults provides information about the Megger cable fault locator and how it works with current technology to provide accurate equipment testing results.

Low Resistance Ohmmeter or Winding Resistance Test Set? talks about the differences between the low resistance ohmmeter and winding resistance test and how to use them effectively.

Over-voltage Testing of Cables discusses how DC hipot tests are being replaced by VLF hipot testing and why.

These posts are just a few of hundreds available on our blog that will provide you with the latest product updates and equipment we have available for rent or purchase. Take time to read through our blog and visit our online store to find just the testing equipment you need for your company. Our knowledgable staff is available to help you 24/7, and you can receive special rental deals and updates by becoming a Protec Insider here.