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What Does a Circuit Breaker Timer Measure?

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A circuit breaker should be well maintained as it prevents electrical circuits from getting damaged because of overloads and short circuits. Electrical fires can start if a faulty circuit breaker doesn’t trip or is not fast enough to trip. A circuit breaker timer is used to test circuit breakers if it can open its contacts fast enough to protect the electrical system.

This tool measures the time it takes for the contacts to open and the time it takes for the contacts to travel to a fully open position. An incorrect operation of circuit breaker can cause catastrophic damages to electrical equipment. That’s why the circuit breakers should always be in the best condition to protect electrical systems. Vanguard test equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of this equipment. A popular test device is the DIGITMR. It is both a timer and travel analyzer that can monitor three breaker poles at the same time. It also has a slow-close test feature that can accurately measure contact travel time.

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