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We Have the Megger and Doble Test Equipment You Need

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If you need Megger or Doble test equipment for such things as battery testing, cable fault location or relay testing, Protec Equipment Resources has many systems available for rental or purchase. No matter which area of the country you live and work, we have two distribution centers, one located in Chicago and the other in Dallas, to provide quick delivery to your project location anywhere nationwide.

The Doble relay test set available for your testing needs include model F6150. The F6150 three phase set components are packed into one piece of equipment rather than multiple pieces like other relay testing systems that must be hauled around for testing. It also includes professional software to aid in diagnosing problems and obtaining accurate test results. Relay testing sets allow for simulation on relays for micro controllers, ground faults and electromechanical apparatus.

The Megger insulation test equipment used to check that cable insulation continues to protect sensitive systems is the Megger CB100. This system excels in early detection of defective insulation caused by conditions such as overheating, moisture and overuse.  Good insulation is necessary to keep electrical equipment functioning smoothly and avoid potential for breakdowns and costly repairs. 

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