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Want to Find Cable Faults Fast? Get the Megger CFL510F Time Domain Reflectometer

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Testing several kilometers of cables manually is not practical because it can take a lot of time and effort. Time domain reflectometers can make cable troubleshooting easy because they can spot problems as far as 10,000 feet in just a few seconds. Just think of the time you’ll be able to save using this tool. This allows shorter system down time and the service can be restored immediately.

Trusted cable test equipment used by technicians is the Megger CFL510F. It is a time domain reflectometer that has an internal impedance matching circuitry to ensure that the tests will be accurate. The Megger CFL510F finds faults by sending out a short-duration pulse to the cable and waiting for any pulses to be reflected back. Insulation problems, poorly terminated terminals and conductor problems cause a localized change in impedance causing the pulse to be reflected back. A timer is triggered once the signal is sent out to measure the return time of the reflected pulse. This allows the tester to determine the exact location of the fault.

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