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View Hard-To-Reach Areas with the Everest VIT XL875 Pro Borescope

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Diagnosing electrical problems in hard-to-reach areas can be difficult especially if you want to see what’s causing the problem. Trying to cram yourself in tight places to check the fault can be dangerous. If you want to see areas in your electrical facility that are difficult to reach, you might be interested in getting a video probe.

A video probe allows you to see areas not normally accessible by other electrical test equipment. It uses a flexible probe that can be inserted in tight spaces or in bored holes. One of the popular probes on the market is the Everest VIT XLR875 Pro Borescope. It features a 1/6 inch SUPER HAD CCD which is twice more sensitive and gives a 6 dB better smear rejection ratio compared to an ordinary CCD. This translates to clearer images even with poor lighting. It has an output resolution of 290,000 pixels for PAL and 250,000 pixels for NTSC format. It has an integrated 500 Watt metal arc lamp that is channeled to the probe to illuminate objects when lighting is very poor.

If you find the Everest VIT XLR875 Pro Borescope interesting, you can rent one from ProtecEquipment Resources. We also offer test equipment from brands like Megger, Dranetz, Metrel Test Instruments and more. Contact us for additional details on how to rent the Everest VIT XLR875 Pro Borescope.