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Versatility in DC and VLF Hipot Testing

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Diagnosing insulation issues with cable involves much more than just visually inspecting the cable. Insulation testing is needed to find defective spots in the line, and the best method to find these weak defects is found with DC and VLF hipot testers. 

Hipot testing equipment helps users by sending a test voltage through the cable at a higher level than the cable’s rating. When this is successfully performed, it is easier to determine whether that cable can live up to real world voltage fluctuations.

The HV Diagnostics hipot tester that offers versatility with DC and VLF testing is the HVA30 system. This high potential tester combines both levels of testing so that the need for multiple pieces of equipment is eliminated. The output levels on the HVA-30 are 30 kV for DC and AC with large capacitance sampling of up to 5 microFarads. Taking this unit out on site to perform high potential testing is easy due to its light weight portability and real time test result output. 

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