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Vanguard Test Equipment, the WRM-10

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Vanguard test equipment is known as one of the most innovative and modern testing equipment available in the industry. Electrical testing should not be done using sub-standard equipment as this can cause catastrophes because of inaccurate measurements. Vanguard’s high voltage test equipment is trusted by many electricians, technicians, engineers and maintenance personnel for their electrical testing needs because of its accuracy and reliability.

Protec Equipment Resources offers Vanguard equipment for rent. One of the most common test equipment is the Vanguard WRM-10. The Vanguard WRM-10 is a transformer winding resistance meter which has a resistance range of 1 micro ohm up to 2 kilo ohms. It has a back lit LCD which is viewable even in bright or dim environments. It has a maximum test voltage of 36 volts with a max current of 10 amperes. It has dual input channels so you can measure two resistance windings at the same time. It also has a safety feature which discharges stored current after every test done. It has a RS232c port so you can hook it to a computer to have it recalibrated or run diagnostics on the device.

Vanguard is included in the list of testing tools available for rent. Contact us today for information on test equipment rental.