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Vanguard Test Equipment Made Easy by Innovative Programming

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Vanguard Instruments develops and manufactures innovative test equipment for electrical apparatus. Vanguard’s performance-oriented test equipment is well-suited for the utility industry. Vanguard test products are rugged, reliable, accurate and user-friendly. Because most of the products are computer controlled with Vanguard’s innovative programming, you benefit through numerous automated testing functions. Vanguard test equipment eliminates tedious and time-consuming operations to give you fast test-result calculations. Gone is the need to memorize long sequences of procedural steps.

The Protec test equipment rental program includes several fine examples of Vanguard test instruments, including the Vanguard WRM-10, a single-channel winding resistance test set with dual input channels to measure two winding resistances simultaneously. Lightweight and portable, the Vanguard WRM-10 also boasts simple, menu-driven operation.