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Vanguard Test Equipment for Every Need

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When it comes to testing insulation, circuit breakers, relays or winding, Vanguard test equipment offers reliable and accurate models to get the job done right, on schedule and keep systems operating safely and effectively.

Founded in 1991, their products are primarily used for substation circuit breaker testing and diagnosing issues in other electrical apparatus. Here at Protec we offer various models of test and measurement equipment from their high quality line to give you the testing performance you need.

Circuit Breaker Timers

The circuit breaker timer is used to evaluate the response times of a circuit breaker. It runs simulation on potential overload conditions and provides measurement for velocity, contact time, wipe, over travel and motion as well as stroke. The Vanguard CT6500 is an example of an analyzer and timer available from Vanguard for this test method. 

Rotary transducers measure torque output on rotating shafts, power tools or other electric apparatus at varying levels of rpm while linear transducers serve a wide variety of testing applications for various industries to obtain linear position feedback. We have both linear and rotary transducers by Vanguard including the RT1 model.

Current Transformer Test Sets

The current transformer test set provides testing on transformers using excitation currents, turns ratio and winding polarity. The Vanguard EZCT-10 available thru our rental program promises easy field testing without the need for bushing removal or hosting equipment.