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Vanguard LTCA-40 Designed to Accurately Measure Winding Resistance

Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer

The LTCA-40 is Vanguard’s winding resistance meter and load tap changer contact analyzer. The Vanguard LTCA-40 Load Tap Changer Analyzer is designed to accurately measure the winding resistance of highly inductive power transformers.

Transformer tap positions can be changed remotely using the unit’s built-in transformer load tap changer.

Resistance Reading Features
Three resistance-reading channels can measure resistance from 1 micro-ohm to 500 ohms, and the test current is programmable (1A, 5A, 10A, 40A). The LTCA-40 can also be used to measure EHV circuit-breaker contact resistance, motor winding resistance or any low resistance.

AC Motor Current Monitoring
One AC current monitoring channel is dedicated to monitoring the LTC voltage regulator motor current during operation.

Built-in Safety Features
At the end of each test, the LTCA-40 automatically dissipates the stored energy in the transformer.