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Vanguard CT Test Sets Ideal for Industrial and Field Applications

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The EZCT series of current transformer testers  designed by Vanguard are built to be rugged, portable and ideal for industrial and field applications. CT excitation, winding polarity and current-ratio tests can be performed with EZCT testers, and they allow for the testing of current transformers in their field-mounted configuration, reducing the need to remove the CT from the host electrical component.

Vanguard_EZCT-10Vanguard EZCT-10 Automatic CT Test Set 

The EZCT-10 is a microprocessor-based, current-transformer test set. This rugged and portable test set can perform the current transformer (CT) excitation, CT current-ratio, and winding polarity tests. 


Vanguard_EZCT-2000AVanguard EZCT-2000A Automated CT Test Set 

The EZCT-2000A can perform the current transformer (CT) excitation test, measure the CT winding resistance and CT current-ratio automatically.



Vanguard EZCT-2000B Automated CT Test SetVanguard_EZCT-2000B 

Designed specifically for CT testing, the  EZCT-2000B has outstanding features that can greatly increase productivity and save time during the commissioning stage.


Vanguard_EZCT-2000CVanguard EZCT-2000C Plus Automated CT Test Set 

The EZCT-2000C Plus’ test leads can be connected to all the CT output terminals, and the complete CT test can be performed automatically without any operator intervention.



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