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Vanguard Auto-Ohm-200 S3 Measures Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance

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Vanguard_Auto-Ohm_200_S3Accurately measure resistance values from 1 micro-ohm to 5 ohms. A 0.1 micro-ohm resolution with current greater than 5A, and apply a selectable true DC test current from 1A to 200A to the resistance load to be tested.with the Vanguard Auto-Ohm-200 S3 Ampere Micro-Ohmmeter.

The Vanguard Auto-Ohm-200 S3 also features:

Dual Ground Option
With the Dual Ground option, the Vanguard Auto-Ohm-200 S3 can also measure the circuit breaker contact resistance with both sides of the breaker bushing being grounded. When a test current is applied to a circuit breaker with both sides grounded, some of the test current fl ows through the safety ground cables. Using an external current sensor, the Micro-Ohmmeter measures and eliminates this current from the total test current. The Micro-Ohmmeter then calculates the actual resistance value of the circuit breaker.

Test Record Storage
The Vanguard Auto-Ohm-200 S3 can store 128 records of 64 readings internally, and up to 999 test records on an external USB Flash drive. Test header information (Company, Substation, circuit breaker ID’s) can also be entered using the 44-key keypad and is stored with each test record.

User Interface
The Vanguard Auto-Ohm-200 S3 features a back-lit (128 x 64 pixels) LCD screen that is viewable in both direct sunlight and low-light levels. The resistance readings are displayed on the LCD screen in micro-ohms or milliohms. The unit is operated via a convenient 44-key “QWERTY” keypad on the front panel.

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