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Using the Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Timer for Spotting Bad Breakers

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Circuit breakers play a very important role in the electrical facility. They protect the electrical circuit from instability like voltage spikes and over currents. In case of an electrical overload, the circuit breaker cuts out the main power line to prevent further damage. Circuit breakers should be fast enough to cut the main line because some electrical devices may not be able to withstand over currents for more than a few milliseconds.

The Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker and Analyzer is a reliable tester used by technicians in finding faults in circuit breakers. It allows you to measure contact travel time, close/trip current and test for reliability of breaker operation. Its contact input channel detects the insertion-resistor and main contact times in cycle and milliseconds. This circuit breaker timer has a Slow-Close test feature that measures accurately the contact travel. This tester gives you the option to plot the test results in graphic or tabular format depending on your needs. Its internal memory can hold up to 99 test configurations and 150 test results.

If you need a circuit breaker analyzer, you can rent one from Protec Equipment Resources. Do not hesitate to call us at 1-866-352-5550 for more information.