Using the Doble M5200 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer for Finding Internal Transformer Faults

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Transformers are often enclosed in a metal tank with oil coolant. Testing or repairing them can take a significant amount of time and effort. The conventional method is draining the cooling oil and taking out the transformer from its enclosure. If you want a faster and simpler way of testing transformers, you might want to consider using a sweep frequency response analyzer.

The M5200 from Doble Test Equipment is a popular analyzer that allows internal assessment of transformers without opening the enclosure. It works by sending a test excitation signal and measuring the frequencies generated by the transformer. The transformer has RCL components which oscillate at certain frequencies. Any physical changes in the winding, core or the terminals will change the frequencies generated. The measured frequency signature is then compared to the baseline to determine any problems. TheDoble M5200 has a very wide bandwidth which makes it suitable for testing various transformer types.

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